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*** New! GDI Power Team 30K Capture Pages ***

These capture pages are coded to work with the Rocket Responder auto-responder.
To use these pages, you first need to be a member of Rocket Responder:

Once you've joined Rocket Responder, you need to set up a GDI campaign. To do this, click on 'Manage Lists', then click on 'Add A List'. This is where you will name your list. You can call it whatever you'd like. Then, go to the final step and import the pre-written message series by using this import code: MTYxMTEua20zNjQwNQ== (See below).

How to Import: After setting up your GDI campaign, click on 'Follow Ups' and select the button that says 'Import'. Then simply paste this code MTYxMTEua20zNjQwNQ== and follow the instructions. After that, all you'll need to edit are the GDI 30k links (the green video sales page) in each of the messages and change them all to your own link like this one below (copy and paste):
*** NOTE: Always make sure to do a test opt in before advertising. ***

Once your campaign is set up, simply add your own Rocket Responder GDI list
name to your capture page links as in the examples below and you're good to go!

Website Domain Forwarding (Optional But Recommended)

Instead of promoting one of the Power Team links above directly, you can forward your new GDI WS website domain to the referral link you want to use. This way, you'll be branding your own website (The website you chose when you joined). You'll need to do this if you plan to market on Facebook as replicated domains like ours can get blocked by Facebook.

How To Forward Your Domain:

Login to GDI:

1. Go to: "Domains" - Click on "Change DNS".

2. Then under ---> "DNS Settings" - Click on "URL Forwarding".

3. Then under ---> "Should Forward To This Destination URL"
Paste into the box.
NOTE: You can forward your splash page or capture page link instead, if you prefer.

4. Click on "Update" at the bottom.

Start promoting your new GDI Power Team links everywhere you can!
Our Rotators will be driving traffic to your Team links as well!

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